Corona Update

The products we sell should be safe to wear once they arrive at your home, but we do recommend that you leave all packages untouched for a period of 3 days or alternatively you could clean the packaging with a chlorine/soap solution and/or cleaning alcohol.
The items themselves do not have to be cleaned because they have been packaged before the coronavirus appeared, cleaning your bought items indiscretionaly (especialy with a chlorine solution) might damage or corrode them. 

Due to the current coronavirus it is unfortianately unavoidable that delivery could be prolonged depending on the location from where your product has been shipped.
We are fortunate  to have the majority of our warehouses in good old USA, but some products are shipped from outside of the US. 
If there is a problem with the shipping of your order, please contact us.

Final Note
We wish everybody the best of luck and hope as few people as possible wil become ill due to this pandemic. We would advice you to take into account all health recomendations your state and the government impose like social distancing so that we can all go back to our normal lives again as soon as possible, also we would like to ask all of you to please stay in contact with those around you by calling, texting or e-mailing them occasionally so that we can brighten their day even by a little bit. we have to work together, all of us.